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For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911

Elite Medical Transportation & CPR Training American Heart Association CPR & First Aid Training, Springfield, NJ
Elite Medical Transportation & CPR Training American Heart Association CPR & First Aid Training, Springfield, NJ





Course Length: Approx 3-4 hours


The course teaches rescuers to effectively recognize and treat adult emergencies in the critical first minutes until professional help arrives. Topics covered in the Heartsaver First Aid course are; General Principals, Medical Emergencies, Injury Emergencies, and Environmental Emergencies.

  • Patient Assessment

  • Asthma

  • Muscle and Bone Injuries

  • Seizures

  • Trauma (bleeding wounds)

  • Legal and Emotional Considerations

  • Falls

  • Heat and Cold Emergencies (Heat Stroke, Hypothermia, etc.)

  • Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis


Have you ever come across an injury requiring some assistance until professional medical help can arrive?   So many people have; being prepared for the unexpected injury is a responsible approach to family, neighbor and community associations.  Often times the injury is frightening – cuts bleed heavily, broken bones contort limbs and burns can be overwhelming.  Knowing how to handle an injury with appropriate; Heartsaver First Aid, is reassuring to the victim and a confidence booster to you as the caregiver. How do you find the kind of training that brings a strong, solid set of skills for handling that unexpected injury?


This course will prove to be very useful to people from all walks of life. The busy parent, the camp counselor, the day care coordinator, and even a senior care supervisor will find the information presented in this Heartsaver First Aid certification course useful, and perhaps even life saving.  The course content has been reviewed by EMS agencies from all over the world and is the most widely accepted standard of basic care in Basic First Aid care. Maintain My Certs will also include a presentation of the basics of “universal precautions” as it pertains to our Heartsaver First Aid certification class.


Don’t miss your opportunity to learn the skills needed to be prepared for the unexpected.  When you are called upon to assist those who stand in need you'll  know what to do .  Call today and sign up for your class with Maintain My Certs.  You’ll be glad you made the call.


Maintain My Certs is proud to offer multiple ways of completing industry-leading Heartsaver First Aid certification courses fully approved and accredited by the AHA. We offer on-site courses at multiple locations throughout the area taught by current practitioners in the emergency medical field, as well as blended learning programs that can be partially completed online.


For newly licensed healthcare providers, we offer Heartsaver First Aid certification classes rigorously in line with AHA guidelines for immediate, on-site treatment of life-threatening medical emergencies.


With the specific needs of our students in mind, we also offer Heartsaver First Aid certification classes in two other forms: one designed for those already deeply familiar with the protocols and simply looking to Heartsaver First Aid renewal classes, and one blended learning program that takes into account the often hectic schedules of medical professionals. In this course, equivalent in rigor to the entirely on-site version, students are given the greater portion of the instruction online. After completing the coursework through distance-learning, students are simply asked to come in our office locations for a 30-minute skills test. Once this is completed, students are issued their Heartsaver First Aid certification and may begin or continue their medical career in the same way.




With the best resources in the field and a history of excellence, Maintain My Certs represents the very finest in emergency education. Our courses are taught only by acknowledged experts in their fields with real world experience in the on-site treatment of medical emergencies. We’re proud to offer the best in life-saving training.

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